Harbortouch has your back. We provide comprehensive training, an assortment of powerful sales tools and unyielding support to help you succeed. Take advantage of our robust training program, bolster your prospect pipeline with our leads program and then close the deals with impressive technological tools and professionally designed marketing materials.

Harbortouch University

Learning to sell POS is easier than you think, and Harbortouch is here to teach you. Harbortouch offers comprehensive training to help you become a POS expert in no time! Start with our online Harbortouch 101 course, join our regularly scheduled training webinars and then visit our 9,000 sq. ft. on-site training center to participate in our Certified Harbortouch Reseller (CHR) program. The CHR program empowers our sales partners to take a more hands-on approach to their POS deals and earns significantly more revenue in the process.

Harbortouch Online

This online portal is the perfect tool to help manage your sales office and monitor your merchant portfolio. You can view detailed residual and bonus information, track the status of current deals and view processing information for your existing merchants. This site also give you access to a wide range of marketing and informational resources as well as recent announcements.

Free POS Leads

To help bolster your new pipeline of deals, we provide you with complimentary POS leads. You are also given online access to a real-time interactive leads management system to manage these appointments.

POS Sales Center iPad App

Our Sales Center app allows you to present marketing materials, play sales videos, submit application paperwork and even demo our POS software all from an Apple iPad.

Harbortouch Demo Kiosk

The Harbortouch demo kiosk allows our sales partners to demonstrate the Harbortouch equipment in action. Both Harbortouch Elite and Harbortouch Echo demo units are available either for purchase or free of charge after minimum sales goals are met. Perfect for trade shows or on-site sales presentations, the kiosk is a valuable and sophisticated sales tool to help you close more deals.

Marketing Materials

Harbortouch provides an assortment of professionally designed marketing collateral to aid your sales efforts. These materials include a wide range of brochures, merchant "leavebehinds", feature lists, spec sheets and more. All of these materials are available through Harbortouch Online and many are also available professionally printed at no charge.

Your Own Harbortouch Website

Harbortouch offers our sales partners a choice of professional website designs. These sites provide our sales partners with a valuable web presence free of charge and can be customized with your office's contact information.