Harbortouch offers a payment solution for every merchant. Our signature POS lines offer the perfect option for most businesses, while our cash registers, terminals, mobile and e-commerce solutions provide an ideal fit for merchants of all shapes and sizes.

Harbortouch’s Free POS Program*

The free POS program gives our sales partners the ultimate advantage in the marketplace. Comparative POS systems sell for thousands of dollars and you can offer this valuable product free of charge.

  • Upfront Bonuses + Higher Margin Accounts
  • Access to Higher Volume, More Profitable Accounts
  • Significantly Lower Merchant Attrition

Harbortouch EliteTM POS

Harbortouch Elite POS combines state-of-the-art, industry-specific software with top-of-the-line hardware to deliver a high quality POS system that is unmatched in functionality, reliability and performance.

No Up-Front Costs | $69 per month

Harbortouch EchoTM POS
The "Tablet Killer"

Harbortouch Echo POS combines the power and functionality of a traditional POS system with the simplicity and sleek design of a tablet.

No Up-Front Costs | $39 per month

Apple PayTM & Android PayTM Compatible

Customers can pay conveniently and securely from their phone using Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Cloud-based reporting and POS management

Harbortouch's cloud-based LighthouseTM platform allows merchants to remotely run reports, manage labor, or update their system.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud technology provides the benefits of the cloud such as real-time reporting and redundant back-up while maintainig the advantages of a local system including faster speed and the ability to operate if the Internet goes down.

Online Reservations

Harbortouch Reservations is a completely free service that enables merchants to accept reservations online and track them directly through their Harbortouch POS system.

Tableside Ordering via Apple®iPad®

Harbortouch TablesideTM enables your servers to input customer orders directly from the table via a custom Apple iPad app. The orders are relayed directly to the kitchen or bar for a dramatic increase in efficiency.

Online Ordering

Harbortouch Online Ordering allows merchants to accept orders through a customized and branded menu on their existing website. This solution is synced to their POS system for a seamless ordering experience.

Free Cash Register Program*

For merchants that don't qualify for a free POS system, or who just prefer a cash register, the free ECR program provides an excellent alternative to Harbortouch POS. The Harbortouch ECR is the industry's first and only electronic cash register to feature completely integrated payment processing. This unique technology allows merchants to handle all of their payments via one terminal, a capability not previously available with a cash register. While a credit card terminal will only do credit card transactions, an integrated ECR will manage the money, record sales, keep track of taxes and now process credit cards, all in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Free EMV/NFC Terminals*

With the rise of mobile payments such as Apple PayTM and Android PayTM, as well as the migration towards EMV-enabled smart cards, a major shift is upon us within the payments industry. It is critical that you support these payment types in addition to credit and debit cards. The VX 520 terminal supports EMV-enabled smart cards as well as near field communication (NFC) technology so that customers can simply tap their mobile phone to pay. With Harbortouch, you can offer your merchants a way to future-proof their business and stay on the cutting edge of payments technology!

HarborPayTM Mobile Solution

Mobile payment acceptance is becoming increasingly popular for micro-merchants, contractors and delivery businesses. Harbortouch delivers the best program out there to serve this market. Harbortouch’s custom developed HarborPay app comes with a free audio jack reader and is compatible with all Apple and Android devices. This application enables merchants to quickly, easily and securely accept credit and debit payments through their smart phone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

Other Merchant Services

Gift & Loyalty Cards

Offer your merchants 50 free customized, full color cards and a 60-day free trial period.

Check Services

Check Guarantee enables merchants to avoid bounced checks and bank fees as a result of accepting nonsufficient funds (NSF) checks.

Merchant Cash Advance

A business cash advance enables your merchants to generate up to $1,000,000 in working capital without having to negotiate with a bank or worry about long-term credit card interest.

ATM Solutions

Harbortouch has an in-house ATM division to provide another value-added service for your merchants.

Authorize.Net e-Commerce

Our secure e-Commerce solution is the perfect way for businesses to safely accept payment over the Internet.